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Erika Aquino Event Speaker


Meet your future mentor

Backed with 20+ years of executive leadership experience, a Masters in Communication, an MBA, and a lifelong love for words, Erika knows how to walk the talk.

She combines useful frameworks, and data into spot-on, customized content that deliver actionable insights.

Whether it’s on stage or virtually, Erika brings her signature energy, humor and smarts to any event.

Erika is also a sought-after resource speaker on Angel/Seed Investing, Marketing, PR/Corporate Communications, Start-up Strategy, and Female Entrepreneurship.​

Some of her keynote topics:


Investments Beyond Borders:

Gain new perspectives into global investments from unconventional locations.


Behind the Scenes Leadership

Explore strategies for making a profound business impact without seeking the spotlight.


Growth Mindset

Discover how adopting a powerful perspective can shape a business's approach to challenges and opportunities.

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