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Culinary Connections: A Passionate PR Enthusiast's Journey to Fostering Opportunities and Community

In the realm of Public Relations, building connections and creating opportunities is not merely a profession; it's a gratifying journey. In recent days, this journey took an exciting turn for me as I embarked on a collaborative effort with prominent figures Adrian Rosado, MBA, and Alejandro Toro, set to visit my city. Eager to orchestrate something truly special, I reached out to my esteemed friends at Chef Works Philippines and the Center for Culinary Arts, Manila—Donatella Chua and Philip John Golding, respectively.

Aligned with Zion Leadership Group's commitment to cultural education, a thought blossomed: "Why not organize an enchanting culinary workshop led by the renowned Masterchef Alejandro, exclusively for students?" But that wasn't the only idea—we seized the opportunity to gather our friends and interns from Manila for a long-awaited and memorable dinner, creating a tapestry of flavors and experiences.

A heartfelt shout-out is in order for the instrumental players in bringing this vision to life in the Philippines: Director Richard Burgos of DOST-STII, Maricar Estole of ABS-CBN Foundation, the remarkable Sam Jennings, an outstanding instructor and speaker, the extraordinary Benjamin Canapi, our go-to tour guide in Manila, and the creative Tin Santos, our visual and social media point person. Their roles have been pivotal in shaping and actualizing our programs on Philippine soil.

A special acknowledgment goes to Ma. Geri Therese Juan, MA. MARGARETH MEBRANO, and Prince Gabriel Pascual, the trailblazers of our inaugural cohort of Filipino Global Interns. Donna and Philip, your unwavering support has been indispensable in transforming the idea of a culinary workshop and dinner into a tangible and memorable reality!

As we reflect on this delightful collaboration, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities that promise to bring together a vibrant community of learners and leaders, united by a shared love for culinary arts, cultural exchange, and the prospect of creating lasting connections.

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