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Start-up Strategist & Angel Investor

The world could be so much better.  


I’m on the lookout for start-up founders who have brilliant ideas that can shape the future. 

Got an idea you believe in? Let’s redefine what's possible. 

Erika Aquino

Empowering Diversity, Investing in Innovation

As an investor, I'm known for supporting impactful start-ups, particularly those led by women and minorities in industries like wellness, education, future of work and agriculture.

I believe there's room for everyone to thrive.

Let's get started!



Hello, I'm Erika!
Entrepreneur + Founder + Investor

I'm an advocate for creating opportunities and supporting impactful ventures. While my journey began in public relations, business development, and marketing within fintech, hospitality, and food and beverage, I've now ventured out to carve my path.

Today, my endeavors include co-owning an award-winning craft beer company, co-creating transformative travel experiences for first-generation college students, and dedicating my time to ensuring Filipino students access educational opportunities.

I've got stories to tell, and I'd love to hear yours, too. 

Investing Outside the Box


Inclusive Innovation: Backing Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

Erika's portfolio spans key hubs including the Philippines, Miami, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Los Angeles, and Austin. 


With an eye for opportunities across cultures, she passionately supports underrepresented entrepreneurs in high-growth industries.


Explore her portfolio and discover how her investments are shaping the future on a global scale.



When Erika talks, people listen

With over 20 years of executive leadership, a Master's in Communication, an MBA, and a passion for words, Erika excels in translating ideas into impactful content.


Her presentations, whether live or virtual, are infused with her signature energy, humor, and intelligence. Erika is a recognized speaker on Angel/Seed Investing, Marketing, PR/Corporate Communications, Start-up Strategy, and Female Entrepreneurship.


Empowering Next-Gen Leaders

Feeling lost in your start-up journey? Experience Erika's grounded mentorship as she guides you through the complexities of entrepreneurship.



Snapshots of Erika's work, travel, and causes closest to her heart. 

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